In our company we believe in principle that employed people are our greatest value. Being a leading LCD TVs and SSB boards producer we employ hundreds of employees, who we try to ensure friendly and free work environment. In TPV we focus on positive and open atmosphere, created by professionals, who approach work with passion and eagerness. 

Due to high competences and engagement of our staff, the company can continuously develop, get new clients and raise the quality of service and produced goods. Operating according to proven procedures and reliable production processes our company functions efficiently, continuously introducing innovative solutions. 

We encourage our employees to face work challenges in creative and  unconventional way. We count on independence of staff, who thanks to autonomic activities gains new, valuable experience and skills.

In TPV Displays Polska regardless of level of position employees have, we try to obey the same work standards. The most important of them are:

  • Team work – due to well-organized activities and proper allocation of responsibilities, our activities are effective and efficient and production runs smoothly.
  • Direct communication – open information transmission allows free flow of announcements, which makes work easier for the whole team.
  • Engagement and efficiency – what we appreciate particularly in our employees is effective activities focused on achieving goals.
  • Open for changes and continuous development -  specificity of business sector requires from our employees continuous improvement and acquire new qualifications, thanks to which the company can grow and get new Clients.

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