In February 2016, TPVD began the process of preparing application to the Customs Chamber an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate. An Authorized Economic Operator is an entrepreneur whose credibility in the context of customs operations is recognized by the whole European Union and by countries which have signed with the EU mutual recognition agreements (eg. Japan, China, United States).

The AEO status entitles the entrepreneur to benefit from the privileges of easier access to customs simplification and / or facilitation of safety and security controls. From the point of view of the customs authorities of the Union, one of the main objectives of granting AEO status is to strengthen the international supply chain.

An Authorized Economic Operator means a credible, verified and liquid trading partner. The AEO status is given to entrepreneurs whose organization, infrastructure, security (physical and information systems) and financial situation are subject to a thorough audit of the licensing authority. Obtaining AEO is not only an image attribute, but also an attractive proposition for customers - it guarantees contact with a reliable and trusted contractor and simplifies customs and trade procedures.

The TPVD has applied for an AEOF permit, which includes simplification, safety and security controls. Consequently, preparations for the application required full engagement of all departments of the Gorzów factory.

After several months of completing the data which Self-Assessment Questionnaire required, on April 30, 2016 TPVD applied an official request to the Customs Chamber in Rzepin. Upon receipt of the application, the Customs Chamber has begun an audit to verify the data provided by the TPVD in the Questionnaire and the overall assessment of the trader.

After a very thorough audit lasting 6 months, 31.10.2011. TPVD has been authorized by the Authorized Entity for simplification of customs and safety and security controls.

On February 28, 2017, the official ceremony of the granting of a license and the AEO memorial statue took place. The event was attended by a delegation from the Customs Chamber in Rzepin on the Subcommittee Dorota Bielska (Co-ordinator of the work of the Department of Enterprise Services in the field of Customs, Authorizations and Audit Activities) and Ewa Żarska (monitoring AEOF license issued to TPV Sp. z o. o.), Deputy Director of the Tax Administration Chamber in Zielona Góra - Mr Bartosz Zbaraszczuk and Deputy Head of Customs and Tax Office - subinsp. Jacek Kozłowski. The statuette and certificate were handed over to the CEO of the factory in Gorzow, Franz Jursa.
TPVD is the thirteenth entrepreneur in Lubuskie Voivodship who has been granted the status of Authorized Economic Operator.

There are only 940 entrepreneurs in Poland who can boast of AEO certification. As a result, Poland ranks fifth in the EU in terms of the number of AEO certificates issued.